Journey to the Wild Side showcases royal residence, Buckingham Palace, in a delightful way

The world’s most glamorous, regal home reimagined

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Smythson’s new film follows an inquisitive tourist, played by Phoebe Tonkin, on her journey through London to find Buckingham Palace. However, this iconic landmark isn’t as easy to find as she’d first hoped…and her adventure begins to take a wild turn.

London is the centerpiece of this work of art and Buckingham Palace the ultimate star. The narrative blends fantasy and reality as the viewer discovers one of the most prestigious properties in the world in a novel and intriguing way.

Filmmaker, Sophie Edelstein, and her dynamic cast do a stellar job of balancing the wonder of something truly British with a luxury heritage brand and its mission.

The Know salutes this creative way to reinterpret prime property, it gives the audience a feeling of serendipity and delight. There’s magic in this theatrical showcase, which certainly makes it more memorable than most.

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Posted by Jean Scheltema