Market Share in the St Francis Property Market

Our market share is over 30%.

According to Lightstone (an independent property data company) we have a market share of 48%. For sales over R3m, our market share was 66%.

These figures are for 12 months, are supplied from Lightstone via our head office, and are six months out of date because of the delay waiting for all  transfers to have taken place, so as to ensure that the figures are as accurate as possible

Our market share for two suburbs was particularly remarkable, namely the Port with 78% market share, and the Links with 73% market share. Our market share for the other suburbs is also very pleasing: Canals 43%, Village 49%, Santareme 48% and Cape St Francis 34%.

These figures are scarcely believable, given that we there are seven other national brand local estate agencies. Allowing for any inaccuracies, we are confident that we have a market share over 30%.

Property sales in St Francis have now been buoyant for 24 months. Our sales of R313m for our financial year to February 2022 were our best since Pam Golding opened in St Francis in 1995.

Our second best year was last year (March 2020 to Feb 2021), showing how St Francis property has enjoyed sustained demand during the pandemic.

In our opinion, the main reason for our high market share is the fact that our agents focus almost exclusively on their suburb, where the gain a extremely thorough knowledge of the suburb and the houses they are marketing. The know every street, every house under construction, all the positives and negatives of every spot. If they are talking to a buyer, that buyer will instantly know they are dealing with THE expert for that suburb.

This methodology means that there are no properties that should be listed that are not listed, because there is accountability within the team. In other words, the area expert is letting down the entire team if they are not up to date with listing properties in their area.

They become the household name, the go-to person for all buyers and sellers in that suburb.

Posted by The Know - Pam Golding Properties