The majesty of Kalk Bay’s coastal allure

Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the “coolest neighbourhoods” in the world, Kalk Bay is fast becoming one of the most popular suburbs in the South Peninsula.

Home to one of the Mother City’s most-loved working harbours, Kalk Bay offers the allure of a typical seaside village, just a short drive away from the city centre. It is a favoured weekend spot, attracting Capetonians and visitors to its rustic fish and chip eateries; its Boho-chic curio shops and its pavements bustling with buskers, cafes and walkers making the most of the coastal view.

But, it is also being seen as a desirable place to live, says Sue Rosenberg, Pam Golding Properties agent for the area. “Once considered a popular option for retirees looking to spend their golden years overlooking the sea, Kalk Bay is becoming increasingly sought after by young families wanting to raise their children along the coast. There is easy access to Kalk Bay from the Southern Suburbs and town, and with schools such as Reddam just a short drive away, it is ticking the boxes for families wanting to be close to the sea without having to drive too far to school or work.”

The concept of “home” has changed considerably since COVID-19 and lockdown, and for many quality of life has moved to the top of the list when considering where to live. As such, Kalk Bay has become a popular choice with empty nesters scaling down and relocating from the suburbs, says Laura Alan, of Pam Golding Properties. According to Property24, most of the buyers in the last six months were between the ages of 50 and 65.

Kalk Bay is also popular with “swallows” who head south to Kalk Bay for the European winter. “An interesting trend that is once again gathering momentum is semigration to the coast. We have seen considerable interest from families and couples from Johannesburg, and elsewhere around the country, wanting to settle close to the sea. Now that remote working has become more prevalent, more people are making the move from inland to the coast,” adds Rosenberg.

One of the developments proving to be popular with an array of buyers is The Majestic, formerly the Majestic Hotel. This refurbished “village” caters for various lifestyle needs, offering studio and loft apartments, as well as traditional row houses in “The Middedorp” and semi-detached townhouses. Meeting the growing need for a premium lifestyle, with on-site recreational activities in a safe and controlled environment, the Majestic boasts a spa facility as well as a swimming pool. Security is paramount, and access to the village is strictly controlled. Living at the Majestic is a bit like staying in a luxury hotel, say residents, as the grounds and facilities are so well-maintained.

Homes in the exclusive village offering an exclusive, modern lifestyle within walking distance of the heart of Kalk Bay, are highly sought after and seldom come to market. But last year Pam Golding Properties sold four properties, including a one bedroom unit for R6.2 million, and a two-bedroom unit for R12 million.

The returns on an investment in a Kalk Bay property are considerable, explains Rosenberg. According to the Pam Golding Property Index for December, coastal properties – that are less than 500 metres from the water – continue to fetch premium prices compared with their non-coastal counterparts. Property data from Lightstone underscores this, showing that the median house price in Kalk Bay has almost doubled from R2.5 million in 2011 to R4.9 million last year. The robust rental market – driven largely by the seasonal visitors who spend up to six months the year in Cape Town – makes Kalk Bay a sound investment option.

Residents speak fondly of the strong sense of community which Kalk Bay affords. It’s a place where the nearby barista will have your morning coffee order ready as you arrive, and where a stroll through the quaint cobbled streets would not be complete without a few stops to greet neighbours and restaurant owners. Many start the day with a rejuvenating swim at one of several tidal pools in the area.

It’s not unusual to see families and couples strolling along the Main Road to a sunset meal at one of Kalk Bay’s many restaurants. The resident seals are a must-visit if you are walking past the harbour – they are always keen to pose for a few photographs.

Indulge in your morning caffeine and croissant fix at the Olympia Cafe and Deli, or relive your childhood with a twirly-whirly flake ice cream at the local vendor, or at Ice Cafe. The Brass Bell is a Kalk Bay institution – whether it’s for a quick refreshment after a day at the beach, or a lazy Sunday seafood lunch. Kalk Bay offers a myriad of experiences and attractions.

Living in this quirky seaside village is like being on holiday throughout the year. It’s no wonder that Forbes thinks it’s cool. Its residents certainly do.

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