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What exactly is ‘biodiversity gardening’?

Biodiversity gardening is gardening to encourage and protect the stunning variety of plants and animals that occur naturally in your region. It promises increased health and safety, time and money savings and a powerful and enduring sense of environmental connection and wellbeing. In a nutshell, it is a ticket to a deep and long lasting sense of happiness and personal fulfillment.

For some time, we have appreciated that in its broadest form, every home, whether castle or cottage, quite simply, either positively or negatively impacts the overall sustainability of our future social development. In fact, we are among many who believe that overlooking the concerns of the greater ‘Green Agenda’ would be short- sighted. Aside from the long-term vision required to protect life on our planet, we need to consider the behaviour of the growing number of conscious consumers who are undoubtedly reshaping the future economic worth of almost everything. From water bottles to rocket fuel, perceived value has shifted, and this without doubt includes the future value of the home.

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