The most valuable properties are those that can’t be bought or sold, says Pam Golding Properties

In today’s highly challenging and competitive trading environment, success in business is measured by so much more than just the bottom line, says Dr Andrew Golding, chief executive of the Pam Golding Property group.

Says Dr Golding: “Clients and consumers identify with authentic and trustworthy, socially involved companies and brands who genuinely demonstrate a clear purpose and commitment to making a real contribution to the communities in which they operate.

“In remaining relevant in today’s volatile world, while going about our daily business of selling and letting homes, we believe we can make a positive impact.

“In our opinion, while sellers are obviously influenced by brands and branding, the final decision to choose and appoint an estate agent to sell one’s home boils down to a very personal choice of an individual in whom that seller is placing their trust with what is usually by far their most significant asset. The business of real estate is therefore to some extent a ‘hyperlocal’ one – an individual seller choosing an individual estate agent and where that agent is a credible ‘household name’ in the area, that must be an advantage. That area presence needs to be trustworthy and authentic in order to be sustainable and one of the ways in which this can be done is through making a contribution to the entire community of that particular area or suburb, something which is obviously needed in so much of South Africa and Africa.

“Through our Heart of Gold programme, which incorporates numerous CSI (corporate social investment) initiatives across our more than 2 000 agents and staff and over 300 offices in South Africa and 10 African countries, we are collectively and individually involved in assisting and contributing to a broad range of projects in local communities from child welfare, breast cancer awareness and feeding schemes to combating pollution clean-up days, animal shelters, street stores, customised wheelchairs and even literary festivals such as in Knysna and Franschhoek, among many others In this programme.

“Apart from the corporate initiatives that the company is involved in, each agent and staff member is encouraged to participate in an individual ‘passion project’ in the CSI space, all under the umbrella of the Heart of Gold.

“Our purpose-driven path began years ago with our ‘I am Pam’ campaign, where our agents and staff were motivated to embody the same core human values as Pam Golding herself, and then transitioned to our ‘Live Remarkable’ campaign where we recognised remarkable people on the African continent who inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves both personally and professionally.

“Now in our latest ‘Remarkable Human Properties’ brand campaign, we pay tribute to the ‘humanness’ of people and organisations who daily are making a difference to the world around us. We strive to uphold and emulate these same values and qualities by making our own contribution towards a positive future for our communities and our country, while acknowledging that this is an ongoing, continuous process.”

Adds Dr Golding: “In our new ‘Remarkable Human Properties’ TV and digital marketing and advertising campaign, we acknowledge that our most remarkable ‘property’ is being able to see it in others, and that we understand that the most valuable properties – or qualities – are those that can’t be bought or sold.”

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