What happens when digital marketing is used correctly

Did you know that 28 million South Africans are online everyday?

Monday 15th of April 2019

Even without the advent of digital technology, marketing and advertising through the decades can make for fascinating case studies – one only needs to think about the television series classic ‘Mad Men’ set in the sixties  – but now, with over 28 million South Africans online every day*, the game has changed even more exponentially.

If digital marketing is the new advertising when it comes to relevance and measurability, how does this affect the sale of your home, when it remains such a personal transaction? The answer could be in this short 02:00 minute video where Bradd Bendall, GM-Operations for Pam Golding Properties, explains why the company is so heavily invested in this rapidly-changing marketing space.

We also found it interesting that the Pam Golding Properties website receives almost double the volume of  visits versus its nearest competitor **, so if you are thinking about selling or buying a property, we recommend contacting a Pam Golding Properties specialist in your area.


* QWERTY Digital Landscape Report

** Similar Web Report (All Traffic) Sep 2017-Feb 2018

Pam Golding Properties’ Digital Facts

Almost double The amount of website visits that receives versus its closest competitor. (Similar Web Report (All Traffic) Sep 2017 – Feb2018)
10 000 The number of buyers that are captured every month into a proprietary client relationship platform that is able to send targeted emails.
250 000 The number of potential buyers reached every week through social media advertising.
500 000 The number of recipients who receive the monthly newsletter from The Know, the company blog.
20 000 The number of buyer leads received every month from local and international portals.
Interest and leads from digital platforms are tracked, keeping sellers informed at all times.

Search engine marketing ensures that the Pam Golding Properties website is highly ranked on Google search results.

Posted by Niki Jackson