A Timeless Legacy of Passion and Dedication

In the lush Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, a remarkable family heritage thrives. Meet the De Villiers’s of Klein Roosboom, 11th-generation descendants of the French Huguenots who arrived in the Cape of Good Hope in 1689. Their unwavering commitment to this region and their passion for change, community, and excellence has propelled them to the forefront of the luxury wine industry.


A Heritage Rooted in Rich Soil

The De Villiers family traces their lineage back to Pierre de Villiers from La Rochelle, France. Through generations, they have nurtured their legacy in Bourgogne, Franschhoek, Picardie, and Laborie in Paarl, eventually settling in Doordekraal. Today, their vineyards flourish on the fertile grounds of Klein Roosboom, a testament to their deep connection to the land.

A Journey Fueled by Love and Expertise

Jéan and Karin, owners of Klein Roosboom, embarked on their winemaking adventure in 1984/5. Inspired by Jéan’s tireless work as a supplier to renowned brands, Karin pursued her dream of crafting exceptional champagne (MCC) and still wines. With her winemaking course at Stellenbosch University and a pilgrimage to the family’s French roots, Karin’s dedication and expertise have yielded remarkable creations.

A Family United in Legacy

Tragedy struck in 2017 when Jéan passed away, leaving behind a profound legacy and a family committed to honouring his memory. Nicol, the eldest son, joined the family business as the viticulturist, bringing a wealth of experience. Johan Roual, the youngest son, returned after

gaining valuable insights outside the family domain to oversee operations and financial matters. Marné, the only daughter, joined after a transformative journey abroad, becoming the Brand Manager and embracing her parents’ footsteps.

Captivating Experiences Await

Klein Roosboom is not just a winery; it is an enchanting destination where captivating experiences unfold. The family’s commitment to preserving history and enriching lives is evident in the charming stories they share. Jéan Restaurant, nestled against the vineyards, offers a contemporary culinary experience celebrating the flavours of each season.

Unveiling Truth in Every Sip

“In Vino Veritas” – In wine, there is truth. This adage captures the essence of De Villiers’s of Klein Roosboom. Their dedication to the Northern Suburbs and their commitment to quality has garnered recognition, including being voted the 3rd best Tasting Room in the City of Cape Town for Top Wine Experiences in 2022.

The captivating legacy of De Villiers’s of Klein Roosboom is an invitation to discover a timeless heritage rooted in passion and dedication. Immerse yourself in their exquisite wines, savour the culinary delights, and become part of their extraordinary story. Experience the truth that lies within every sip at Klein Roosboom, where tradition meets innovation in perfect harmony.

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