“Ultimately trends will only take you so far.” Jon Case, ARRCC

Tuesday 6th of March 2018

In this interview with interior designer, Jon Case from ARRCC, The Know made some fascinating discoveries about the highs and lows of trends, contemporary design and design in the near future.

ARRCC was founded in 1996 to meet the need for a focused interior studio for well-known architecture firm SAOTA, founded by Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen. Since then ARRCC projects can be found in many cities around the globe.

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How has contemporary design changed the industry?

For me, the real essence of contemporary design is the use of space. And that doesn’t have to mean that these are large spaces, it’s about how we utilise those spaces. It’s about the line of sight through the interiors and the communication between areas. I think that is where contemporary design has really changed the industry.

What about trends?

I find trends to be a bit of a difficult topic, purely because I believe that they can be quite seasonal. They can be a bit of a trap for people to fall into, leading to interiors becoming stale after a while. At ARRCC we try and transcend that with something a little more sophisticated, a little bit more procured – and I think these are the things that make us slightly different from the rest.

Where does a trend begin?

Trends are often started by the taste-makers of the world -the top end fashion designers and media around from the globe. They can be sparked by a film or a particular piece of media, which then filters down into fashion and product design. You can see them coming and when they do hit the mainstream market in the design industry, they really tend to snowball. But some trends haven’t really lasted very long and it can be difficult to have to pick one that you feel has to last a long time – this is something you have to be very wary of in residential design.

Why are trends important? 

Trends are important to some extent because they create a subconscious aesthetic. People are able to relate to something because it’s something they have seen before, or are comfortable with. So if used carefully it’s something that can solidify something unique, which I think is the balancing act of good design.

What is the difference between trends and timeless design?

Trends allow you to very quickly put a ‘story’ together but the substance of that story comes through research, through trial and error – and through really sweating out the problem-solving in the design. Ultimately, trends will only get you so far. What makes great design memorable, is how designers take those trends and make them their own. That’s the difference between designing with trends and timeless design.

What do you mean by ‘Spirited Crafting?’ 

Spirited Crafting is what we call the ability to create an emotional connection to all the interiors and the architecture that we are involved in. Our clients are incredibly passionate people, they are often industry leaders who are well-travelled and who are very design-literate, so we really have to be able to speak to them on an emotional level. We see this as a crafting of ideas and a coming together of various design styles  that a client may want in their home. We get a real kick out of our clients walking into their new homes, feeling that emotional connection and getting that ‘feeling of familiar’.

What is your definition of luxury?

Luxury is when someone is able to be at their most ‘private and comfortable self’ in an interior or space that really inspires them.

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Images courtesy of ARRCC
Film & Edit, James Puttick

Posted by Niki Jackson