Managing an asset in the new era of real estate

Monday 18th of February 2019

Marketing and real estate expert, Anthony Stroebel, Head of Strategy, The Pam Golding Property Group, discusses the modern agent in the new era of real estate.

“The agent in the modern age has to provide real value, wisdom and consultation. It’s not about marketing, it’s not about information, it’s about the interpretation of information into knowledge and wisdom that the agent can bring to bear on the transaction to maximise that value,” says Stroebel.

If selling a home is the greatest financial transaction that most people make, then surely the person managing that transaction should have certain qualities, says Stroebel.

He goes on to discuss why the concept of ‘trust’ is more fundamental than a mere marketing platitude. In this insightful video, find out why it’s so much about the person managing your greatest asset – the person who should be responsible for de-risking what is usually a complex and prolonged process.

If you are thinking about selling or buying a home, we recommend contacting a Pam Golding Properties specialist in your area for accurate interpretation of information and professional advice.


Posted by Niki Jackson