Anton Smit adds another dimension to Menlyn Maine

Monday 20th of November 2017

Menlyn Maine is Pretoria’s new business address of choice. It’s home to the Pam Golding Properties regional headquarters, where agents specializing in this area embrace the unifying power of bold, interactive art in connecting communities. The Know chatted to artist Anton Smit, widely revered for his overwhelming heads and monumental sculptures, evoking themes of suffering, reconciliation, glory and sublimation. Anton’s works grace public and private collections countrywide and internationally, and his mission is to make Menlyn Maine the art hub in Tshwane.

Anton collects sayings about the relationship between art and the individual artist’s experience of reality. “Art is not to render the visible but to render visible,” he asserts, and his art achieves this in many ways.

I hope to create a total new experience to residents, retailers and shoppers alike and hope to be an inspiration for future artists to participate and introduce their artwork in a similar way, making Menlyn Maine the art hub in Tshwane | Anton Smit

By introducing art in different forms, he wants to motivate, enrich and enlighten the people of Tshwane to elevate their spirit, and echo the enthusiasm displayed by the developers – thus embracing the symbolism of the main feature sculpture, “ The Spirit of Tshwane”.

The spirit of Pretoria is creativity and creativity is imagination and imagination is for everyone. Pretoria is filled with aspirational, ambitious and caring individuals that want to revive and improve our beautiful Jacaranda city to make it a better place for all to live and thrive | Retha Schutte, Pam Golding Properties Pretoria

‘Walkability’ is an aspect of new urbanism that’s being built into Menlyn Maine, where residents and tenants will be encouraged to walk from one location to another within the precinct.

Did you know? Menlyn Maine is South Africa’s first green, mixed use city precinct.

Posted by Jean Scheltema