Sublime Spa Spaces with Luxe Appeal

Wellness is the ultimate lifestyle luxury

Monday 27th of November 2017

A day at the spa is about so much more than the treatment, it’s the grand surroundings and the use of space that elevate some over others as a holistic luxury experience. It’s also often a signature style or celebrity appeal that draws luxe-lovers to the ultimate lifestyle hotels. The Know showcases two exceptional properties that get the balance between heritage, prime location and branded wellness experiences so right.

Prime Property | The 12 Apostles

Just the view of the dramatic Atlantic from this exquisite, award-winning, 5-star hotel makes it one of the most special stay-overs in the Cape. It’s holistic in its appeal as guests enjoy fine dining at Azure restaurant, drinks at the Leopard Bar and signature experiences at the spa just beyond. The multi award-winning The Spa at The Twelve Apostles, one of only four Leading Spas in South Africa, boasts an ethereal, all-white crystal grotto interior. Designed by owner Toni Tollman, natural muted tones of white, beige, stone and marble were chosen to exude a calming, light and spiritual ambience, allowing guests to succumb to the hands of expert therapists with treatments that heal, restore and pamper.

Luxury Brand | Decleor

Inspired by this strong belief in the power of nature, Decléor states that they have harnessed the best of the botanical world to create a brand steeped in harmony and responsibility.

Luxe Appeal? The Decleor Signature treatment

The signature treatment is done exclusively through the 12 Apostles Spa. It’s called the “Decleor Awakening” and consists of a 90-minute journey of indulgence from massage to facial. Using the *new* Aurabsolu Hydrogel mask, your therapist revitalizes your skin. The massage includes the Decleor Body Balm, and you’ll be transported on an unforgettable aromatherapy, sensorial voyage. Ask for Rose.

Prime Property | The Cellars Hohenort

Fresh Wellness Spa is surrounded by the plush gardens of the world renowned, 5-star Cellars-Hohenort Hotel that forms part of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux hotel association. What could be better than a walk amongst the roses? You’re surrounded by nine acres of perfectly manicured and award-winning gardens, located in what is known as ‘Cape Town’s Vineyard’ – the historical Constantia Valley.

Luxury Brand | Pro-active liquid collagen 

Comes in supplement, oil and gel and is available exclusively at the spa.  It aids joint, muscle and bone preservation and is currently a top seller. The treatment compliments the Deep Tissue Sports Massage, which is aimed at active people in need of specific focus on pressure points, deep pressure and muscle stretching. Once your muscles heat up, cool pressure is applied as a welcome respite. Highly recommended for the active amongst us.

Luxe Appeal?

It’s exclusively stocked by Fresh Wellness and is one of the leading Liquid Collagen supplements in the world. Rumour has it it’s widely used by celebrities as well as professional athletes, because it gives the body an incredible ability to heal itself much faster than it normally would. It’s also 100% natural.

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Posted by Jean Scheltema