The rise of the home staging specialist

Most homeowners understand that it is important to keep their homes clean and free of clutter when putting it on the market. That alone however, may not be enough to guarantee a sale. If they really want to improve on a buyer’s first impressions and have them instantly fall in love with the property, they can enlist the services of a home stager to change how buyers value it, and the price they can get for it.

Why has home staging gained in popularity?

Most buyers lack vision and only know what sellers show them. A home that is cluttered or in need of repair may instantly turn off potential buyers, and trigger concerns that the property may be a huge money drain or require lots of work, as opposed to being ready to move in.

Also, most buyers these days begin their search online. Without an attractive digital presence, your home may be passed over at first glance. Staging your home can lead to great photos that give you the visual edge you need to get buyers through the door.

What is home staging?

Home staging allows buyers to see the space and not the distractions that could take their focus away from the beauty of the home. It is the art of styling a residence to highlight its best features and downplay any potential flaws so that it appeals to potential buyers.

How it works

Most home stagers begin with an in-home consultation where they outline any work that needs to be done. The second part of the process is the execution of the recommendations. The final stage is the actual staging itself, in which furniture, artwork and accessories are brought in for styling purposes.

Home staging rates

Professional home stagers typically charge a rate that includes their time – creating a staging strategy, selection of furniture and accessories, as well as a rental fee for the use of their inventory.

Done right, home staging provides an excellent return on investment and helps you sell your home quickly, at the price you want.


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