Transforming Durbanville


In 2019, Christen Aksie Netwerk (C.A.N.) emerged as a force for positive change in Durbanville, driven by the passion of individuals committed to enhancing the town’s aesthetic appeal and inspiring civic engagement. Led by Wouter Kruidenier, a skilled horticulturist, Pieter Smit, an expert in agriculture and construction, Danny van Zyl, a local lawyer, and entrepreneur Yolande Snyders, C.A.N. has made remarkable strides in beautifying the local environment.

Wouter’s dream extends beyond Durbanville. He envisions C.A.N. inspiring communities nationwide to initiate similar projects, fostering environmental appreciation and plant preservation. Pieter’s contributions to the Durbanville Children’s Home and Huis Aristea reflect his hope for businesses to unite in offering skills and services for community improvement.

C.A.N. faces challenges, primarily in fundraising and combating vandalism. Despite obstacles, the team finds reward in community enjoyment and feedback upon project completion. De Kruidenier EksklusieweTuine and De Smit Eksklusiewe Strukture cover most of C.A.N.’s monthly overhead costs, but community support remains crucial. Monthly expenses range from R30,000 to R 50,000, excluding new projects.

C.A.N. invites you to be part of the transformation. Whether through financial contributions or by offering skills and services, your support makes a difference. Together we can make Durbanville a more beautiful and vibrant community.

Instagram: @christenaksienetwerk

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