Turn your home into a hydro. The perks of a natural, non-toxic pool

Why not bring the pristine and crystal clear pools and streams found in nature into your own backyard? A natural swimming pool is a well-balanced wetland ecosystem that operates on the same principles as nature when filtering out harmful micro-organisms. Natural pools keep the water sparkling clean, clear and healthy by circulating it through an indigenous aquatic garden.

The result is water that is soft on the skin and infused with healing energy. No salt, no harmful and expensive chemicals, no burning eyes, dry hair or itchy skin and much healthier for your pocket in the long run.

Four good reasons to swim with nature
  • Poisonous and expensive chemicals like chlorine and pool acid have been linked to cancer, allergies, asthma and immune stress
  • The energy consumption and maintenance costs of a natural pool are much lower than a traditional chemical pool
  • An existing chemical pool can be refitted into a natural swimming pool as long as the area surrounding the current pool is equal in size to accommodate the beautifying regeneration zone
  • An added bonus for homeowners is the pool’s regeneration zone doubles as a beautiful indigenous water-garden


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