From the garden crate to your plate – why we love the urban farming concept

The deep satisfaction in knowing the food you are about to serve is truly organic and healthy, much cheaper and that it has reduced your carbon footprint is a joyful moment for any gardening cook.


If you’re into the urban farming concept and are thinking of growing your own eco-friendly organic fruit and veggie patch, here are some basic essentials. Remember that mulching and composting alone will not provide all of the nutrients hungry plants need and supplementing with organic products from your nursery is advisable, especially in the early stages of plant growth.

Five reasons we think you should become an urban farmer:

  1. Half of the nutritional value of plants is lost within thirty minutes of harvesting so shop-bought food is compromised food.
  2. The reason why the world’s top chefs cook with organic food is because it simply tastes better.
  3. Cut your grocery bill. Instead of spending thousands of rands buying food that doesn’t adequately nourish us and being at the mercy of soaring prices, spend time in the garden exercising and learning to grow your own healthier food.
  4. More petrol is spent on large scale farming and the transportation of goods than in any other industry. Growing your own reduces CO2 emissions which are causing climate change.
  1. More energy is used to produce synthetic fertilisers than is used in the entire process of tilling, cultivating and harvesting crops. Growing your own means not contributing to the global energy crisis.

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