Embassy style living on the Boskruin Koppie

Embassy style living on the Boskruin Koppie 2

Nestled on the Northern slopes of the ancient Boskruin Koppie lies a home of embassy style living. The residence graces the level view site within the bounds of the private estate incorporating an exclusive nature reserve inaccessible to the general public.

The famous Cross on the top of the Boskruin Koppie is part of the estate which – with all indigenous fauna and flora – has been left to Mother Nature to continue in her quest for sustainability and hence has been maintained in its natural state.

The residence has never been offered for sale before and has been occupied by the same family since being first built. No expense was spared in creating an international masterpiece, constructed by a master builder; the result is truly magnificent dwelling and is a testimony to a 4-year construction period showcasing the very best in local and international building finishes.

The Estate is accessed through a private road which leads to high-security enclave.

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